29th November 2020

Being a mum means being there 24/7 and it’s not often anyone stops to ask, “Do you need anything?” Except for every year on the second Sunday in May. 

Happy Mother’s Day mums. 

Welcome to the single day of the year that’s all about you. A day to be spoiled, to be taken care of, to answer back at every remark with “but it’s Mother’s Day!” 

So, what do you need for this one special day? Is it breakfast in bed, a walk in the park, a wander by the beach, a picnic in your favourite spot? Or is it that everyone leaves you alone for hours whilst you have a nice long hot bath, snuggle in your favourite chair, stay in your bath robe all day and watch your favourite series on Netflix, or lie in and read that book you’ve been meaning to get to forever? 

It can look like a million things, but it’s really very simple. Speak to most mums and they will likely tell you that they just want their family around to share some time with, to do something nice together. 

As we have already been spending sooooo much time together with all of us working and living in each other’s pockets at home, maybe it’s about just taking the time to do something special for mum, or actually asking her what she wants or needs. 

As we start to slowly return to the way things were, these days will be the days Mum misses when everyone is back at school and work, doing what they do. So make sure you make it as special as can be. 

To help you out, we have sourced some of the things we think will make mum’s day even more special, not just today, but everyday. 

And don’t worry, there’s still time to make this happen! Our centres are offering Click and Collect if you want to organise your Mother’s Day goodies online first and then just roll up to pick them up. Or, if you do want to purchase in store then we are offering a safe shopping environment for you to select and collect yourself. Up to you, but either way, we have you covered.   

Here’s our little list of some extra things you could do for mum this Mother’s Day (and here’s a hint to all you fabulous mothers: print this list with a couple of your own extras and leave it lying around!).

  • Take Mum on a picnic
  • Run Mum a bath 
  • Make over mums favourite space 
  • Take Mum to buy something very special to make home even sweeter 
  • Set up a home cinema with lots of cushions and blankets, make popcorn and let mum choose the movie 
  • Make Mum breakfast in bed
  • Tidy up your room without Mum asking 
  • Grab mums slippers and make her a cup of tea
  • A little bit of pampering is always a hit too – perhaps are hand or foot massage