7th August 2020

Fallen in love with indoor plants but struggling to keep your new green friends alive at home? These are five of the best, most beautiful low maintenance pot plants to bring into your home to keep your indoor jungle thriving on any budget.

1. Spathiphyllum Peace lily

One of the hardest indoor plants to kill, the ever-loving peace lily is a super-affordable pot plant with an abundant crop of dark green, leafy foliage that tends to droop when in need of water, reminding you to to give a little love to all your pot plants!

2. Sansevieria Mother-in-law’s tongue, Snake plant

Hardy and easy care with tall stands of thick, striped sword-like fleshy leaves. Needing only occasional watering and little to no light, start with a small potted plant and pop it in a corner or a spot with filtered sunlight to give them plenty of room to multiply and thrive – in no time you’ll have a big, beautiful plant.

3. Monstera deliciosa Swiss cheese plant

Delicious indeed, these hardy green friends will delight you with their enormous dinner plate-size leaves perforated with large, lacey holes. Easy care, they’ll only need occasional watering and a wipe of their leaves to remove dust and stay looking fabulous.

4. Pathos Devil’s ivy

So pretty, so hard to kill! Medium-sized heart-shaped leaves burst forth from trailing vines that spill over hanging pots and baskets, tumble from shelves and run along window sills. The ultimate pot plant to show nature at its finest and most simple.

5. Strelizia nicolai Bird of paradise

A serious show-stopper, this tall tropical treasure is an ideal pot plant choice to create a focal point in an entrance hall, living room corner or in a large open plan area to transition from indoors to the garden outside.

Why not try artificial plants?

If all else fails, the range of faux indoor plants on the market these days is breathtaking! A great solution for tricky areas of low light in your home or for those of us with a black thumb who have killed more than one pot plant, try a combination of hard-to-kill varieties displayed with a mixture of show-stopping faux plants for a lush and beautiful display.

Five of our favourite artificial indoor plants

1. Fiddle leaf fig

Since hitting the market in the real, the popularity of this luscious, broad-leafed statement makers has seen them selling at every plant shop and nursery around. They can be tricky to keep however and many have been lost in the hands of not-so-savvy plant parents. Rather than beating yourself up about it, invest in a faux fiddle leaf fig and you’ll never look back!

2. Succulent

Whilst the story goes that succulents are easy to care for, unless you’ve got a sunny spot in your home, these little beauties struggle to stay strong. The good news in the faux variety look just as great and you’d never know they’re not real!

3. String of pearls

AKA String of Beads, these are great for bookshelves, as part of a vignette or at the top of open shelving in the kitchen. The simple addition of a few long strands trailing down from a hanging pot or a bathroom window brings in a burst of green to soften hard surfaces.

4. Happy plant

Happy plants bring a burst of tropical sunshine into your indoor space with their striped leaves and textured trunk. Perfect for when something tall is needed to bring a corner to life, an occasional dusting of the leaves is all that’s needed to keep these babies in tip top shape.

5. Potted fern

Faux ferns can go either way – you either love them or hate them. Don’t discount them however as a small potted specimen can be the perfect addition to your coffee table or bathroom vanity.