7th August 2020

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to refresh your home interior, potted plants are a wonderful solution! Add a splash of rich green, a burst of nature and, for a clever design trick, choose pots with colour and texture to bring out the best in your decor. Plants clean the air you breathe at home while they grow and evolve with your life and style, helping to create beautiful spaces to love living in. Adding a boost to your interior decor is as easy as popping your green friend into a carefully selected pot.

Here are five ways to boost your interior style with pot plants.

1. Add metallics

Metallics reflect light into the room and work decoratively to tie in with tapware, furniture frames and lighting so look great in any room of the house. A little bling beneath your potted friend will add a decorative punch when placed on your desktop, bathroom vanity or kitchen bench.

2. Create height with a plant stand

A plant stand is the ideal tool to get your plants off the ground and add height so they sit exactly where you want in a room. Elevate plants at your front entrance, tuck a single stand into a corner, or group together in odd numbers to create a lush display with a range of plants with constrasting shapely leaves.

3. Time for timber

Timber plant pots make a wonderful choice in bathrooms to offset large expanses of tiling and mirrored surfaces. Select a timber plant stand for your pot to sit on or add texture with the pot itself in a timber colour to compliment your room design – light timbers for a Scandi look, washed out driftwood for a coastal vibe or darker tones for a sleek, contemporary space. Whatever your choice, timber adds warmth and invites the presence of nature in a space.

4. Colour crush

Layer pops of colour with the addition of bright pots to hold your indoor plants. Get on trend with bold splashes of navy blue, rich terracotta and sunny saffron and match your pot plants with your other decor. Tie in your colour choices with cushions or a feature wall in the same hue, or use tiny sample pots of paint to upcycle affordable terracotta pots with a bright makeover.

5. Go global

Global pattern is trending in interiors so bring a little handmade flair to yours to create a stylish, modern look by accessorising with plant pots made from natural fibres. Get adventurous with striking patterns and colours in sizes large and small – baskets and bowls with woven textures of straw, rattan, cane or cotton for a well-travelled touch.